We are different.We gives you a different experience.See how the things goes..


Gune aiya’s Bajaw room

Now not everyone knows him, he may ring a distant bell in some and other’s will be on best terms with him. This intriguing character is of courses fictional. Exchange Pub was created on  the concept “Doors are open and fun is on the house” . This is one of the key lyrics in the song “Somiyata Waren Putha”

Drinking is always an inclusive activity where social bounds get bit loosened, and accoirding to the song, “Gune aiya’s Bajaw room” was the place for it. With the Exchange pub we try to bring this safe haven to reality.


Techy concept

We give to you a game where no one can actually lose in a wild, fun and techy concept! So having a drink with company has never been more exciting! You are in charge, pick your drink and pay your price play the game right at the right time and its Happy hour through out your time with us.