We work hard. We make you happy.A STORY

We have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the customer happy.

Who doesn’t want to invest in stocks? (yes, we are aware that the Sri Lankan share market has seen better days, but keeping that aside….) we have made the adrenaline rush more fun by twisting the trade and lowering the stake. Introducing Sri Lanka’s first Bar stock Exchange in your own nook in Colombo.

There are no losers here, which might be a refreshing change in the present share market, but shop talk aside we introduce the ultimate hangout spot where you can sit back relax, with a drink at hand while you enjoy the technology of tomorrow today in your favorite game.

Now we’ll let you in on our favorite secret because this is where the fun really begins, this cutting edge bar concept lets you: our valuable customers the full control of dictating the prices of alcohol and spirits, starting as low as the retail prices!

Enjoy your favorite choice at the price you dictate and if your timing is great you will be able to a far better deal than you can bargain. So now that the game is set and your stakes are high. Let’s talk about ambiance.

We bring to you a modern surrounding where you can still be comfortable making an acquaintance, because for us old is gold and fun is fun! We have woven our concept around the infamous Baila song of the infamous Nihal Nelson: ‘Somiyata Waren Putha’ which if you don’t know it (no shame there) is all about inclusivity, diversity and individuality.

Like it or not Sharing a bottle has become the norm for reasons to meet up, to talk and make friends, so we give you the space you need to have fun, be your self and make new friends with a spicy new topic that is not dried up politics or cricket!

So the doors are open and fun is on the house!

Long tradition is our keySPOT THE DIFFERENCE