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October 25, 2018by gepa0

THE traditional dish is the famous Rice & Curry, which consists, as its name indicates, of rice with various dishes of vegetables and meat. This is very different from Indian curry, it is not a dish of meat in a lot of sauce, but about 5-8 dishes, usually including a dish of Dhal Curry (lentil curry), pumpkin Curry, Bean Curry, potatoes, a Papadum (crispy fried lentils flour pancakes) or a spicy chutney called Sambal. Generally, to cook all these dishes, it takes a long time, so in some restaurants you must order 2 hours in advance.

Another typical dish that you will find really everywhere in Sri Lanka, whether on the street or in restaurants, is Roti. It is a paste, not spicy, that you can feed with something. There are also a specialty with Roti cut into small pieces, meat and vegetables called the Kottu Roti, it is delicious! A must!

A dish influenced by China but adapted to the Sri Lankan sauce that we highly recommend you : the Devilled ! There are different kinds of Devilled depending on the meat or fish you prefer : Devilled prawns, cuttlefish Devilled, Devilled chicken… These dishes are cooked with a spicy sauce in the Chinese style. Delicious!

Finally, do not miss the many street snacks if you like spicy food. They also sell them in the trains. You will find various kinds of delicious Samosas!  In Colombo, peddlers along the beach also offer an interesting specialty: Isso Vadai, a kind of flour lens chips with 3 or 4 whole fried shrimps (with head)… An experience : – )

For breakfast, the Sri Lankans eat Hoppers, a thin layer of crunchy dough usually accompanied by a mix of onions and spices.

For dessert, the specialty is the Curd & Honey, a buffalo milk yogurt with honey couli. This is divine ! Do not miss the tasty mango pieces sometimes found on the street.

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