BeerMaking Beer Drinking More Enjoyable

October 25, 2018by gepa0
Pair your beer with food. Even if you’re not a fan of drinking beer by itself, what you’re eating with it can make all the difference. You may find that a saison is surprisingly crisp and refreshing when sipped alongside a platter of broiled seafood, or that a dark, bitter stout makes the perfect companion for a juicy cheeseburger. When mingled with the flavors of a meal, a beer’s body can transform and take on new complexity.
  • Like wine, different beers are typically recommended for pairing with different foods.
  • With time, you’ll develop a sense of which flavor combinations you find appetizing together.


Drink beer in a comfortable setting. Atmosphere can also play a big part in how much enjoyment you get from beer. You probably won’t get the same satisfaction from splitting a pitcher in a crowded, deafening dive bar as you would sharing with a tall one with your best friends from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not big on your surroundings, that distaste may rub off on you when it comes time to drain a pint.

  • Stay away from places with strong smells or other unwanted distractions that might detract from your experience.
  • Set up a tasting at your home with a friend who’s a connoisseur. They’ll be able to make recommendations and give you cues on how to savor your beer.


Change your perception of beer. You’re never going to appreciate beer if you convince yourself that you don’t like it. Make an effort to stop thinking of all beers in black and white terms. Once you soften your stance, you’ll be able to start judging each unique form of the beverage on its own merits.

  • If you don’t like one style, move on to the next until something stands out to you.
  • Try not to overthink it. It’s just a drink.

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